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Before getting towards ideas on how to know if some body obstructed your on Kik, let’s posses this short introduction about Kik’s program.

Before getting towards ideas on how to know if some body obstructed your on Kik, let’s posses this short introduction about Kik’s program.

KIK is actually a prominent mobile-based messaging software. KIK try a fairly new software in the wonderful world of instantaneous texting, getting quick popularity. KIK does not use your telephone numbers or any connections rather it just works together with individual users and usernames to chat with friends.

Many individuals particularly teenagers and youths want to use this application. There clearly was another fascinating feature on KIK which you should be able to read when using the applying. Truly that as opposed to including a buddy or including a contact you’ll be able to see that KIK makes use of “Kik me” which appears fascinating. It’s followed by a KIK user’s login name meaning that the specific individual desires to incorporate one to their KIK connections in order for you both can talk via the software.

If you should be someone that really wants to prevent an unwelcomed friend, you can certainly do thus and have respect for your own digital individual room. But, if you should be a person who was obstructed after that I’m sorry my friend because little can be done when this occurs.

You will get obstructed by individuals and also you won’t end up being aware you have become blocked. Maybe not both by the consumer or of the Kik neighborhood. But, yes you will discover if someone else clogged you on Kik by doing a bit of data or say detective efforts. Why don’t you become James connect to get it out.

What exactly is stopping?

No one on this subject world should not know very well what blocking does not way. Yes, many people remain learning the technology. Preventing is nothing but a social mass media position that stops other consumer from getting in touch with your.

In addition to fun reality is(for a few applications), when we block people, she or he won’t even know they have become clogged by united states. Not until they find out themselves. Kik is certainly not like most different social networking system. The concept is equivalent to any messaging application although it does heed some guidelines. One particular coverage would be that it permits the blocked person to deliver information.

Various other social media networks don’t allow the person to transmit messages. But, on Kik, the one who has-been clogged can send communications for the person. This coverage happens to be applied in order that the one who happens to be obstructed ought not to know that he or she has started clogged. With such a feature, it’s going to be challenging determine if you’ve been blocked or perhaps you are just getting disregarded.

So now, let’s move towards how to understand anybody clogged you on Kik

Really KIK was an interesting software that is aware of their concerns and that’s the main reason it’s got virtually every privacy feature that users wanted whilst using this software.

Today, imagine if some body blocks both you and you want to know when your in fact blocked.

What’s the concept of the 3 icons presented by KIK, let’s find out.

1) the initial one is ‘S’ plus it means that your own content was taken to your unique buddy.

2) the next a person is ‘D’ and it means the writing have been delivered to your pal.

3) the 3rd a person is ‘R’ and it also means that their information was basically launched and read by that exact buddy.

Therefore, they certainly were the icons that individuals use in knowing that when someone keeps obstructed you or not. Thus sample these measures the following with this particular situation:


The first way to determine if some body got blocked your or perhaps not in KIK is by giving an email to that particular individual from your KIK profile and what you should do should keep close track of that content that you’ve delivered to that particular person. So open up your own KIK software and deliver that individual a note and today that which you need to do is always to go through the symbols (about which we have mentioned) that may take place after you have sent the content.

The initial sign it’s possible to see is “S” consequently the message has-been taken to their buddy. Now the true game begins from this point. Once you has sent the message it’s going to change to “D” consequently their message was in fact shipped to the recipient and it also ensures that you’ve not started blocked now simply eventually quickly symbolic “R” will appear which means the content was basically browse by that person and that isn’t so after that simply try to keep an eye thereon information plus case if “S” does not at some point switch to “D” it indicates that you had become clogged by that particular individual also it means that man or woman wouldn’t get your information unless that specific person unblocks you against his/her clogged checklist.


Now the 2nd strategy to know if individuals has blocked you or perhaps not will be begin friends thereupon person utilizing the Kik software. Now what you have to do would be to see if you can beginning a bunch thereupon man or woman of course, if you certainly can do so after that that means that you’ve not become blocked by that particular person. In instance you might be incapable of write a group thereupon people then it probably means you’ve been blocked by that person and today you’re not any longer in contact with that person.

But still, if you should be not able to learn next opt for this next idea:


Here is the 3rd plus the last trick but not minimal without a doubt. To know when someone enjoys blocked you on Kik or perhaps not it is possible to develop a new accounts with another username. Together with the new levels, you simply created, you will need to correspond with that profile towards the person. And make certain to not ever tell them about your identity.

With the latest levels, you will be able to check for yourself if the user have blocked you or otherwise not.

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