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About Us

Driven by one metric: Growth

Sought after growth is a beautiful thing. We grow capital through our Fund and will expand people's minds through our philanthropy programs.

Our founder realized the world should not focus only on profits, but growth for stakeholders and communities is important to be a supportive entity to society.

Learn more about the incubator fund below.

Registered in the British Virgin Islands, this incubator fund is in its first year of operations and is open to investor participation.

The target for this incubator fund and trading strategy is $3,000,000 – $5,000,000 in investment intake within a 24 month period.

This fund strictly trades on ROIBOT algorithms with no manual buys; this fund’s strategy involves a buy low sell medium-high profit take model.


The fund is operated by Mr. Sam Choksi. Learn more about Sam and his involvement with ROIBOT here.


The fund is on track to deliver 30% – 42% annually to investors. To receive latest fund performance information please submit an inquiry to us below.

A Structured Approach to Crypto Markets

To learn more about ROIBOT, or to explore fund participation, please contact us today.