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Associates Program

Passive income for where life takes you

We're looking to spread the ROIBOT name! Tell somebody about ROIBOT and if they select your name upon fund registration you will share in the profits.

The associates program is flexible to integrate with where you are today. It's an open opportunity for all regardless of nationality, color, religion. Most likely, those who succeed will be sociable or already have an existing professional or personal network.

The incubator fund structure allowed us to reduce entry barriers to a minimum of $20,000 per investor. This lets us share our algorithm with more people with an investment minimum that is within reach.

The extent to which you take on this opportunity is up to you. How aggressive you are is up to you. This is not for everyone, but if you find what we are doing interesting you could have consistent monthly income just by sharing the word.

If your current or target network is looking for a place to park funds we have a 6 month minimum deposit period and are on track with a 2.5% to 3.5% monthly return to investors (Target: 30% - 42% annual investor ROI).

This fund is limited to 20 investors, this associates program will freeze thereafter but associates profit share income will continue. This is the only way to participate in ROIBOT trading profits without capital contribution.

"I am happy to be able to share my development with those who need it." - ROIBOT Founder, Sam Choksi.

Browse our associates program to for more details and to estimate your earning potential.

Application: Pre-enrollment open