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Trading Strategy

How We Manage Risk and Capture Profit

The thought of attractive returns are often led by the concern for risk and safety.

We use ROIBOT Research approved algorithms for trading on live markets and have been testing since January 2020. 


This incubator fund employs a cautionary approach to machine trading profits.

The fund has tiered buy signals across up to eighteen ROIBOTS to distribute fund capital, which reduces risk by trading across the most traded cryptocurrencies.


The capital is deployed at different tiers of a downward price movement. A portion of the capital does the heavy lifting while a majority awaits to enter at various levels of volatility.


Our entry algorithm indicators snipe lower than average entry points for the trading period and our exit algorithms collect profit at tiered profitable exits or anticipated change in market reversal.


Since September 2020, The ROIBOT fund is on target delivering 2.5% to 3.5% return to investors through ROIBOT trades each month for a total target investor return of 30% – 42% annually.


A Structured Approach to Crypto Markets

To learn more about ROIBOT, or to explore fund participation, please contact us today.